Sending Money or making FX Payments across borders doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming and expensive. For too long businesses have been forced to waste time shopping for the best rates while navigating transfer limits, payment delays and tiresome processes. We believe that businesses should be able to efficiently transfer money overseas at a competitive rate with ease.

Better Foreign Exchange Rates than the Banks

View our live FOREX rates to see the savings your business could make. Use our Live Comparision Tool and compare your SWiM PAY FX Rate with 19 other Global Banks.

We work with businesses that need a reliable foreign exhange partner who can consistently provide the lowest rates, delivering significant savings to your business.

We provide Zero Transfer Ceilings, freeing you from the restrictions of transfer limits imposed by traditional financial systems. SWiM PAY's Zero Transfer Ceilings ensures you can transfer or pay as much money as you want and as often as you want. Whether your business operates globally or locally with international dealings, SWiM PAY offers a gateway to swift and dependable financial transactions.

Setting New Horizons with the Highest B2B Payment Ceilings Available:
Setting New Horizons with the Highest B2B Payment Ceilings
Dive Deeper, Earn More: Unlocking Benefits with SWiM PAY's
                  Cash Back Rewards

SWiM PAY offers instant global payments via its digital wallet, streamlining transactions to external bank accounts or other SWiM clients. This efficiency reduces wait times and costs, enhancing financial management across 49 currencies and 190 countries.

Instant International Money Transfer

SWiM PAY is your complete business partner for instant international global payments with a variety of other benefits that save businesses time and money.

  • Earn US Dollar Cash Rewards and additional financial benefits from your SWiM Pay Payments with SWIM REWARDS.
  • Robust IT & Data Security measures.
  • Ease of use with intuitive user-friendly platform, and hassle-free onboarding.

Read more about the many other SWiM PAY features and benefits for business and instant global payments.

Complete Solution for Global Business Payments
Complete Solution for Global Business Payments

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