Leading Foreign Exchange Rates for International Business

At SWiM PAY, we understand that finding the best foreign exchange rates is crucial for businesses engaging in international transactions.

Our dedicated Digital Wallet services offer superior exchange rate comparisons for over 190 countries in 49 currencies.

Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates

Book currency transactions and manage foreign exchange risk easily. Fast local and international transfer of money between businesses, offices, and more - without involving your bank.

Exchange between up to 15 Pay In currencies to 34 Pay Out currencies instantly. Make payments with the real exchange rate in 49 currencies to over 190 countries.

Beat the bank's exchange rates and save. Get a quick quote now. Follow these steps:

  1. 1. First select the “From Currency” - click the arrow for currency list

  2. 2. Enter the amount of the Currency you wish to convert from, e.g. USD $1,000.00

  3. 3. Then select the “To Currency” - click the arrow for all 49 Pay Out currencies - select the one you wish to convert to.

  4. 4. The converted amount is automatically displayed for the selected currency.

To apply for a SWiM PAY business account now, click the “Log In” button above. On the Login screen, click on the link "Corporate Onboarding" to commence your application.

Compare SWiM PAY With Live Quotes From A Range Of Global Banks By Simply Clicking The Appropriate Bank Logo Below:

If your bank is not on the list, check with your own bank. You will be pleasantly surprised with your SWiM PAY offer.

Dive into Seamless Global Foreign Exchanges

At SWiM PAY, we propel your financial transactions to new horizons with efficiency, security, speed and reliability. Immerse yourself in a world where borders are just lines on a map, and currency exchange is as fluid as the currents of the Ocean. Our platform is your passport to seamless international payments, ensuring that your money flows effortlessly across borders.

Why Sink when you can SWiM - Experience the power of SWiM PAY Foreign Exchange - where foreign transactions become as smooth as a leisurely swim in the world of global finance.

Save on the rates banks charge
  • Want to keep more of your money?

  • Unlock bank-beating rates for global money transfers. We make moving money easy and help you access real savings.

  • Real help when you need it and a simple, streamlined digital platform.

International money transfers
  • Join millions of people for fast and secure online money transfers. Up to 5x or more cheaper than banks.

Fast, cost-effective international transfers
  • Streamline payments to suppliers around the world and access market-leading FX rates with large transaction sizes.

Transfer money easily and safely with SWiM PAY
  • Sending money internationally has never been easier. Enjoy Zero FX transfer fees

Transfer funds to almost any country worldwide
  • Our international money transfer service makes sending money overseas quick, convenient, and affordable.

  • To deliver this service, SWiM PAY has partnered with global payment platform NIUM, ensuring we can deal in more currencies across more regions globally.

Great Exchange Rates

Great Exchange Rates

Get More for your money with out great exchange rates.

Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

Fast, Reliable Transfers

No Transfer Fee

No Transfer Fee

Move your money quickly and securely, with no transfer fee.

How SWiM PAY Beats Bank Exchange Rates

SWiM PAY offers better exchange rates than traditional banks by leveraging our low overhead and advanced technology.

Efficient Operations
Operating primarily online, SWiM PAY reduces overhead costs, allowing us to pass savings to you through superior exchange rates. Our lean business model ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Real-Time Rate Optimisation
Our technology monitors and adjusts to forex market fluctuations in real-time, ensuring you always receive the most competitive rates available. This immediate response to market changes provides optimal financial benefits.

Direct Currency Trading
By trading directly and eliminating intermediaries, SWiM PAY offers narrower spreads between buy and sell prices, resulting in better rates for you compared to banks, which include markups for intermediary costs.

Getting Started

To apply for a SWiM PAY business account now, click the “Log In or Register” button above. On the Login screen, click on the link "Corporate Onboarding" to commence your account application. Visit our Digital Wallet platform today and start comparing currency exchange rates.